Strategic Partnerships

As an integrated department within brands, we set and manage responsibilities for budgets, management and deliverables. We believe agencies that tell you what to do with your company should have the experience of knowing what to do with your company.


Two brands were created from this natural partnership and many advantages were brought together that included manufacturing and distribution. Miro and Bookjigs, two of our most coveted brands at Process, stemmed from this original relationship.

“This partnership was pivotal in showcasing our abilities in providing  manufacturing and distribution.”


Born out of an artist collective in Seattle, Spacecraft has acquired a cult following. Collaborations with artists from around the world include special projects that are launched with the help of Balinese craftsmen from villages with sustainable work programs to create handmade headwear and accessories. Process Agency, as a capital invested partner, has strategically remapped manufacturing strategies overseas, reset brand direction, created new product categories and implemented sales strategies.

“As a partner, the Spacecraft brand has expanded product margins and sales distributions which lead to an increase in profitability and growth for the brand.”


Our partnership with Beacon Audio began with sketches on a napkin and a passion for sound. The goal was filling a market gap we identified in Bluetooth products for the mobile channel and producing a premium product at an affordable price point. We worked closely with our designers and factories to make sure the target goal was achieved. From product development to the end retailer engagement,  we’ve enjoyed having music along the way.

“As makers of wireless bluetooth speakers, headphones and earbuds for iPhone, we are truly passionate about music.”


This was a story of a company with a great product concept, but without the experience in manufacturing and sales to make it feasible. With proven desirability in marketplace, sales were still falling flat because there was little incentive to encourage sales people to push it. Notebooks were a natural growth of product line.

“Bookjigs clip onto a book’s spine or cover, becoming a part of every book you read.”