Outlining Advantages & Understanding Opportunities

Success can stem from a variety of places within your business. We have developed a process to analyze, identify, re-configure and capitalize on your opportunities. Our business development process begins with:

001_Opportunity & Advantages

Find the Areas That Define Success

In order to have advantages through your sales and distribution channels, your company and roadmap needs a significant differentiator. We begin each project by identifying your pros and cons in your team, company, and product. A combination of multiple differentiators with significance in the industry is necessary for positioning and opportunity. These differentiators can be organically identified or engineered in the roadmap and strategy. Process builds and facilitates this development process. The below categories are where we look to develop significance in your roadmap.

Cost of Goods Sold

Understanding and lowering effective costs so the margin can be re-allocated to support/impact sales and distribution channels. Cost of goods is mapped against competitive landscape to understand how we can better the product for the channel, while maintaining proper margin structure for the company. This is where margin sheets, BOM costs and Gantt charts become interesting.​

Distribution Advantage

Controlling and/or fulfillment significance in time or cost savings is what typically comes to mind when thinking about distribution advantage. Engineering distribution partners to participate in your sales development and or product margin are options to bring and advantage to your road map. Distribution has evolved from 3PL’s, to sales distribution partners holding significance in their specific channel. Having margin from proper COGs will allow a sales channel to engineer significance in their distribution channel.

Product Quality

Innovation in design doesn’t only come from increased quality grade. Maximizing output or manufacturing efficiency also improves product quality. Product quality is mapped against gaps or opportunities in the marketplace. Understanding those opportunities allows a company to target the proper product quality in demand within the market place.


Significant marketing advantages are not limited to your network. You don’t need to know Jeff Bezos or Lebron James to have marketing significance. From traditional print media measuring cost per impression to full digital marketing acquisition strategies, the evolution of marketing strategies brings the possibility of endless significant advantages.

Understand Channels

Engineering and understanding compensation structure for sales and distribution channels. Margin, traffic, notoriety, ease of sale or buy back guarantees can all impact channels. Understanding how the channel operates and what is possible for your team to offer significance.​

002_Market Landscape Analysis

Research and Understand the Competition and Opportunities

Dig deeper than what you see on the shelf and truly investigate your competition to discover what gives them their marketshare. Pair this against your own set up and determine your areas of strength and weakness.​

Landscape Analysis

Understand not only where you and your competitors fit in the market, but also those that did not fit into the marketplace.

Sales and Distribution Platforms

Identify and structure proper programs to both acquire and maintain sales channels.​

Price Points and Margins

Price points and margins are used to manage, and incentivize brands. Growth strategies and incentives are built off of sacrificing these attributes wether available or not. Understanding how to map and develop these as positioning tools will help grab or gain marketshare in existing channels.​

Identify Team Members

We never have enough team members so maximizing existing internal teams is typically where we start. Understanding gaps in our team and fulfilling those gaps with external team members broadens our capabilities. Identifying pros and cons of internal and external team members move the company to the acquisition of proper team members.​

003_Asset Development

Clearly Communicate Your Brand and Product Significance

Ensure your assets are on target and align with your business and strategic direction.

Build the Brand

Brands are designed and built to target specific markets. With our ever changing target costumer evolving from baby boomers, to gen-x, and now millennials, the evolution of the brand criteria is ever changing. Authenticity, price point, story, user experience, brand design, etc…all moving variably based on who you are targeting.​

Product Significance

​Design and manufacture your product significance with a purpose to the channel and the end audience. This can be both upwards or downwards in direction.

Couple Assets to Sales Channels

Interactive website, brand book, app, catalog, sales team assets, programs, product and pricing modeling sheets, sales presentation assets from tradeshows to digital or printed presentations…The list continues to evolve which means our strategy and road map on what is necessary and what is not also has to evolve.

004_Product Design & Manufacturing

Finding the Right Partner

Leveraging our extensive network of manufacturing partners domestically and overseas, we pair your business within qualified networks based on a specific set of criteria, setting up a long term valuable partnership.

Understanding Options

Your options are endless as millions of manufacturing options exist. Understanding how to filter and set your criteria of importance before you begin your search is critical. We start with the understanding of manufacturing facilities from low to mid to high. Factory ownership, generation, temperment, machinery, staffing, and team are all outlined prior to selection. Qualified facilities are outlined before being considered. Driving the interest both directions is fundamental to a long term beneficial relationship for both your company and the manufacturing facilities.​


Companies focus on the project and opportunity at hand and often forget to map and outline facility that is set up properly as the company scales. A manufacturing facility should be selected for the future growth and support of the company, or we have to be prepared to outline alternative options for growth. Growing out of a facility too early is just as detrimental as being apart of a facility to large for your organization.​

Selecting a Partner

Manufacturing partners should be selected to fill gaps missing in your team. If you don’t have engineering support, having a factory which can support engineering in-house would solve a critical hire for your team. Ensuring a proper pairing and setting a criteria for your manufacturing partner to have the correct facility assets should not be overlooked.​

Shipping & Fulfillment

Your manufacturing partner should have the experience to ship and fulfill to your sales channels both domestically and internationally. Shipping multi-facited accounts with EDI compliance direct big box retailers is not a task you manufacturing partner can learn on the job. Experience from your manufacturing partner will eliminate miss-ships, chargebacks, delays, and improper labeling and tagging.​

005_Sales & Distribution Mapping

Identify the Uniqueness and Needs of Each

Your brand / product / business may only be relevant to a selecte amount of sales channels. A singular sales channel is not enough while 10 sales channels will be overwhelming and impossible to see through. Understanding your ventures’ available time, resources, team’s ability, and overlaying a proper sales channel road map is critical.

Sales Channel Mapping

Outline and rank sales channels by priority order following current assets and team capabilities. Understanding the intersection of limiting and growing your sales distribution plan and how it effects your inline retailers.​

Capital Risk & Reward

From Short-term Sales to Long-term Sales strategy. Properly structuring a rate of return for capital partners to understand the pro’s and con’s of your sales strategy.​

Channel Specific Specialists

Specialists Are Needed for Each Sales Channel, from contract negotiation to networking sales contacts. Having experienced specialist with your company will be the difference between a good sale or a bad sale. Various contract options and incentives from salaries to vesting schedule equity offerings can help integrate specialists into your organization.​

Configure Margins

Competitive landscape mapping should include margin spend and participation for each channel. Managing margins and understanding where the margins need to go to impact your sales and distribution channels for effective competitiveness. Proper reallocation of margins into sales, distribution, and retail partners will help set the company and product in position. Your margins start with understanding the cost of goods and impact of features and requests from your manufacturing partner.​

Distribution and Delivery

Various points of distribution and channels of delivery are necessary. Mapping and structuring your product, packaging, and fulfillment options broadly helps open sales channel options to your company. Online distribution and brick & mortar distribution are often variable.​

006_Develop Sales Team

Identify Capabilities and Limitations

Sales teams should be weighed on available budget and growth margin strategies. Both internal teams and external teams should be considered and applied for varying sales channels. Securing the retail placement and the experience you need to fulfill the channel is based on criteria, but having the right relationships in place creates more opportunities and likelihood for a sales channel or retailer to consider your offering.

Target Specialists

Aquire specialists specific to each channel. Sales member should have experience and existing experience selling a specific category to a specific retailers. Cross selling is often ineffective and costly.​

Compensation Package

Build structure to support each sales team within each sales channel. Both internal teams and external teams should have sales programs and packages to optimize growth and scalability. Having a margin structure that is conducive for sales compensation will help scalability.​

007_Execution of Roadmap

Marketing to Support Sales Channels

With the right combination of market foresight, business development, strategy, and sales channels your road map should fall right in place, if it weren’t for execution. Execution from the team is easier said then done. Deploying management and execution tools correctly will impact the teams ability to execute.